Bim.Point, a web-based online tool for BIM

Bim.Point is an intuitive, user-friendly and simple solution. It is a completely new tool according to BIM logic, and is technologically independent of commercial licences.



Broad support for work with attachments

Spreadsheet database access to data, not a mere 3D viewer

It enables the intuitive and effective reading, searching, sorting and exporting of building data

Personalisation, saving of personal user data views

Web cloud, on-line solution

OPEN BIM, IFC files, common hardware, no installation

WebAPI for direct access to building information

CDE data sharing (common data environment: two-layer database)

Why Bim.Point

a web-based online tool for BIM data management throughout the building lifecycle.

10 years
of experience with BIM
137 models
uploaded into Bim.Point
200 305 m2
total floor area of buildings in Bim.Point

Our clients

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Who Bim.Point is for

Investor / OwnerInvestor / Owner
Investor / Owner
  • I want maximum control over my properties and the processes in them
  • I want to minimise my building management and maintenance costs
  • I want to have my documents and data in order, irrespective of the human factor
  • I need my data in one place, with access from anywhere


  • My objective is the most efficient building management and maintenance
  • I do not want to waste time searching for documents and making mistakes - this is impossible without effective data management
  • I want to improve my work productivity and my customers’ satisfaction.


Architect / DesignerArchitect / Designer
Architect / Designer
  • My commitment to the client does not end with the handover of the project/structure
  • I want to be an expert partner for the client throughout the building’s lifecycle


  • Chci zvýšit efektivitu a produktivitu výstavby
  • Chci usnadnit komunikaci s ostatními subjek-ty (projektant/investor)
  • Chci zprostředkovat BIM model i všem sub-dodavatelům
  • Chci kvalitní a důvěryhodnou dokumentaci skutečného provedení stavby

System requirements

Web API for direct access to building data

Introductory prices

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