Why Bim.Point
Who it is for
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Why Bim.Point

Up to 73% of the lifetime costs for architectural design, actual construction and building maintenance are incurred during the building operation phase.

Source: National Institute of Building Sciences

The BIM model brings the greatest savings during the building maintenance phase

Bim.Point, an intuitive tool for working with BIM

BIM.Point is a web-based online tool for BIM data management throughout the building lifecycle.

  • It enables the intuitive and effective reading, searching, sorting and exporting of building data
  • Spreadsheet database access to data, not a mere 3D viewer
  • Broad support for work with attachments
  • Personalisation, saving of personal user data views
  • Web cloud, on-line solution
  • OPEN BIM, IFC files, common hardware, no installation
Bim.Pointis an intuitive, user-friendly and simple solution. It is a completely new tool according to BIM logic, and is technologically independent of commercial licenses

webAPI for direct access to building data

WebAPI is available for direct access to building information.

 The API allows not only reading and downloading building information from the model, but also writing the new one to the Bim.Point structure, in order to visualize data over the BIM model and fully work with information using Bim.Point functions.

API info:
Api url: here
Api .Net Client from Nuget: here
Documentation of the Api Client: here

If you need any further information about Bim.Point webAPI, please contact us: devteam@bim-point.com.


Who Bim.Point is for

It is designed for anybody who need to work with data about a building and its elements, in particular for building owners and managers. It significantly reduces operating costs, and streamlines building management. It is also valued by investors, architects and building contractors.

  • I want maximum control over my properties and the processes in them.
  • I want to minimise my building management and maintenance costs.
  • I want to have my documents and data in order, irrespective of the human factor.
  • I need my data in one place, with access from anywhere.
  • My objective is the most efficient building management and maintenance.
  • This is impossible without effective data management
  • I do not want to waste time searching for documents and making mistakes.
  • I want to improve my work productivity and my customers’ satisfaction.
  • My commitment to the client does not end with the handover of the project/structure.
  • I want to be an expert partner for the client throughout the building’s lifecycle.

Check our on-line presentation for more information.

Sample videos

Bim.Point v 80vteřinách

Stručný přehled funkcí.

Fault reporting

I need to report a fault with a gate:
I select the gate, and send its ID tag with a description of the fault by email to the responsible person.

Searching for a specific element

I have received information about a fault in a specific element. How can I find this element in the model?
I use the element’s unique ID tag to search for it (ctrl+F), and can then zoom in to the selected element and display all the documents associated with it.

Work with the List and Documents windows

Using the List window, we can filter by operator or by searching. In the Documents window, we can display documents associated with the element in question. We can print out or export the filtered lists to an .xls file and then work on them further.

Room areas and volumes

Set up a new Properties user card to display the required parameters.

Working with elements of the same TYPE

How to hide / display, how to change colour in multiple items, and determine required characteristics (e.g. the length of a cable run)

Search for element

How to find the element in the building and find out at which room it is.


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